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The Hole Works

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The Hole Works, Drilling Contractors, Services, Franklinville, New York

Do you need assistance drilling a hole? For more than 20 years, The Hole Works has continued to exceed customer expectations through a wide range of services, including hole drilling, electric pole sales and installation, and construction equipment rental. Residential and commercial clients throughout western New York can take advantage of their affordable services. Their experienced and professional staff is dedicated delivering industry-leading customer service.

This local hole drilling company employs a talented team that is prepared to tackle a variety of projects. Whether you’re looking to install a utility pole or an electric pole, they have the augers to get the job done right. Their well-maintained equipment can drill to depths of 15 feet. For those clients who want to handle their own hole drilling projects, they offer a cost-effective equipment rental service.

Do you need roadside assistance? In addition to hole boring, The Hole Works is an AAA-towing provider. Their caring staff will promptly tow your broken-down vehicle to your desired location. They pride themselves on their prompt towing service. Don’t forget to ask about their convenient hardware store that is stocked with an array of name-brand tools and auto parts.

When searching for a trusted hole drilling company, go with the proven team at The Hole Works. Their dependable and trustworthy staff is waiting to attend to your questions and concerns. Call them today at (716) 676-3998 to schedule an estimate or visit them online for more information.

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