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If you're feeling self-conscious about your smile, your lack of confidence may be holding you back in your daily life. At Rad Orthodontics, brothers Dr. David Rad and Dr. Mehdy Rad share a passion for helping you achieve a beautiful, healthy, confident smile, and you’ll feel right at home in their high-tech, comfortable and  friendly office.  Rad Orthodontics is known for excellent results in complex cases.  We are certified as Top 1% Super Elite Invisalign Providers, and we offer custom orthodontic treatments for each patient.  

Modern braces are more discreet than ever before, and many modern orthodontic methods allow for shorter treatments and longer times between appointments. These factors make the orthodontic experience quite pleasant, no matter what your age.  Rad Orthodontics offers pediatric and adult orthodontics, we we treat almost as many adults as we do children and teens.

Instead of traditional braces, which can be uncomfortable and time-consuming, Rad Orthodontics users custom braces and state-of-the-art orthodontic technology to help you achieve your goals better, sooner, and more comfortably along the way. Using tools like 3D digital imaging and digital radiography, we customize your treatment for efficient and accurate results.

Rad Orthodontics offers an extensive menu of treatment options:

  • Invisalign® aligners
  • In-Ovation® braces
  • Incognito™ braces
  • Speed Braces™
  • Acceledent
  • Pediatric orthodontics
  • Adult orthodontics
  • Surgical orthodontics
  • Dentofacial orthopedics
  • Craniofacial orthodontics
  • And much more

Located in Bethesda, College Park, Gaithersburg, North Bethesda, and Potomac, Rad Orthodontics offers early morning, after-school, evening, and weekend hours, so you’re sure to find an appointment that fits your schedule. Dr. Mehdy and Dr. Dave are also available for after-hours support if an emergency should arise.

To begin your journey to a beautiful smile, call Rad Orthodontics at (301) 299-3993, visit our website, or stop by one of our 5 convenient  locations to meet the staff and enjoy a tour of the office.

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