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Living in Hawaii is certainly like living in paradise: the lush, green land, the vibrant flowers, and the temperate climate that encourages floral vibrancy. Akamai Landscape & Maintenance Service Inc is your go-to plants nursery to bring that natural grandeur to your home and place of business. Serving clients throughout the state, Akamai Landscape & Maintenance Service Inc has been locally owned and operated for more than 45 years. The skilled and friendly staff can help you with your commercial landscaping and residential landscaping needs.

Located in Honolulu, Akamai Landscape & Maintenance Service Inc operates 17 acres of nursery inventory, where you will find exceptional plants, flowers, and trees for sale that will inspire your landscaping vision. If you are trying to locate a particular plant, Akamai Landscape & Maintenance Service Inc will likely have it, and if not, the staff will happily place a special order for you. Bring your imagination and let them do the rest!

Once you have made your selections, Akamai Landscape & Maintenance Service Inc has local delivery service in Oahu, and can assist with prompt shipping to any location in the Hawaiian Islands. If you are going to be planting your purchases on your own, you can stock up on gardening tools and supplies in preparation.

Akamai Landscape & Maintenance Service Inc also offers lawn care and landscaping services if you would like to leave your home or business in the capable hands of competent professionals. Landscaping is an important component to a home or business’ value, and you will feel confident that Akamai Landscape & Maintenance Service Inc will meet and exceed your expectations.

Meet with the professionals at Akamai Landscape & Maintenance Service Inc for planting advice and free estimates. Make an appointment by calling (808) 259-8370 or emailing info@akamailandscape.net

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