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Tots' Landing Learning Centers Inc

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In today’s age of visual stimulation, led by the ever-evolving technology of television and video games, children are frequently losing out on important mental stimuli for their brain’s continued development. Often times, this can occur at daycares, where kids aren’t subjected to a curriculum that’s conducive to their growth. Tots' Landing Learning Centers Inc in Lexington, KY, takes charge in the childcare business, providing a nurturing but enjoyable experience for the children and families that they serve.

As with any school, this learning center divides their children into age groups, an effective method of maximizing your child’s mental growth while improving social skills and interaction. With an aquatic motif and a goal to help your child, “Set Sail for Tomorrow,” classrooms are broken down into fitting categories as follows:

  • Minnows (age six weeks to 12 months)
  • Sunfish (one year to two years)
  • Tugboats preschool (two years to two-and-a-half years)
  • Starfish preschool (two years to three years)
  • Sailboats (three years)
  • Dolphins pre-kindergarten (four years)
  • Sharks (school-aged children)

Whether you’re looking for enrichment for your toddler or your budding first grader, this daycare has a qualified staff, positive environment, and a curriculum that will prepare your child for the next stage. Some activities include exercising, group time, art, and practicing numbers and the alphabet for the little ones. As they get older, they’ll participate in writing enrichment activities, explore science and math, and work on phonics. Art is an activity included at every level, helping your child’s mental capacity by promoting creativity and individuality.

From the smallest fish to the biggest shark, Tots' Landing Learning Centers Inc has the resources and facilities to help your child grow into a king of the sea. Call this daycare today at (859) 224-1445 or visit them online for more information.

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