Honolulu, Hawaii

The Butcher & Bird

The Butcher & Bird

324 Coral St., Ste 207
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 762-8095
The Butcher & Bird, Meat & Butcher Shops, Restaurants and Food, Honolulu, Hawaii

What’s better than homemade sausage? High quality homemade sausage at prices you can afford. Butcher & Bird is Hawaii’s one-stop-shop for premium and affordable meats. Based out of Honolulu, this full service butcher shop offers a large array of specialty deli meats, as well as deli sandwiches. Their team is committed to delivering flavorful products with the neighborhood service you and your family deserve.

Delight your friends and family this evening with gourmet meats, including pork chops, steaks, and even charcuterie, from Butcher & Bird. Their professional butchers prepare the finest market selections in the region. They adhere to strict standards for safety and flavor in order to present you with the best possible beef and pork options. You can count on them to research the use of antibiotics and growth hormones at the farms from which they source their food.

This trusted neighborhood butcher shop and deli understands that their clients want to put mouthwatering meals on the table for their families. Feel free to ask their knowledgeable staff about ideal ways to prepare, cook, and serve particular dishes. You can also take advantage of their full animal butchering services.

Take the time to check out their other in-house treats. In addition to selling meats you’ll take home with you, they also offer delicious deli sandwiches. Don’t forget to pair your sandwich with one of their fresh salads too. When deciding on a dependable meat market, go with Butcher & Bird. Call them today at (808) 762-8095 to hear a list of specials or visit them online.

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