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There’s no reason to put your life on hold just because you’re having some legal difficulties. Let the experienced bail bond agents from Feet on the Street Bail Bonds in Concord, NC help you secure a federal bail bond so you can get on with your life! With over 13 years of combined experience, their team of legal experts has all the knowledge and expertise you need to navigate the bail process. You can count on the legal experts from Feet on the Street Bail Bonds to walk you through every step of the bail bonds process and make it easy to understand. 

If you’re not sure if bail bonding is right for you, just check out this easy Q&A guide to bail bonding:

  • Who uses a bail bond agent? If you’re in jail awaiting a trial and you don’t have the money to post your own bail, you (or a friend or loved one) can use a bail bonds service to post bail for you. If a bail agent agrees to take you on as a client, they will pay your bail based on the agreement that you will show up on your court date.
  • Who gets approved for a bail bond? It depends on the bail bond agent and the company. Some bail bonds companies are very strict and rigid, but Feet on the Street Bail Bonds has a "No Bail Bonds Refused" policy. They believe everyone should have a chance to post bail.
  • How much does a bail bond cost? Bail bonds can vary in cost based on your specific situation, location, and legal history. Most people who use bail financing don’t pay anything, but high-risk clients may be required to pay a certain percentage up front, offer collateral (this could be any object of value), or obtain a co-signer.

For 24/7 bail bonds service, or any questions you have about posting bail, call Feet on the Street Bail Bonds at (704) 931-8605

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