Auburndale, New York

JEI Learning Center Auburndale-Whitestone

JEI Learning Center Auburndale-Whitestone

200-13 32nd Ave
Bayside, NY 11361
(347) 408-4098
JEI Learning Center Auburndale-Whitestone, Tutoring, Family and Kids, Bayside, New York

JEI Learning Center's internationally acclaimed learning program, designed with effective fundamental elements to foster writing, reading, and math skills in children. Founded on the simple philosophy of “A Better Life Through Better Education,” JEI Learning Center enables and encourages children to reach their fullest potential with unique and personalized study programs.

Offering insightful and engaging math, writing, reading, and English language courses, JEI Learning Center develops a thorough program for children guided by a JEI learning director. JEI directors participate in ongoing training, annual seminars, and additional workshops which enable them to remain up-to-date, creative, and fully experienced in the learning program's unique education system.

Each program begins with a JEI diagnostic test which pinpoints a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Each student then receives a two-page analysis report which lays out how the perspective study program will be applied. Each curriculum is aligned with the national standards published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and National Council of Teachers of English. JEI Learning Center also offers a low student-to-teacher ratio, allowing only five students per instructor. This means that children get individual attention and instruction, fostering even better results.

Visit JEI Auburndale-Whitestone Center today and get your child started with the diagnostic test. Boost your child’s creativity, curiosity, and academic performance with tutoring and supplemental education courses at NYC's most innovative learning center.