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When there is no restroom in sight, bathroom rentals come to the rescue by offering a portable alternative. Jack Pots Portables is a locally operated sanitation business in western Arizona that works with consumers looking for portable toilet rentals, RV waste disposal and VIP trailers.

Whether you’re looking to provide portable sanitation for special events (like weddings and parties) or for emergency response, Jack Pots Portables has the solution for you. Their diverse list of products includes VIP flushing units, a large selection of event toilets that come with hand sanitizers (you'll definitely want this!) and VIP restroom trailers with ten hand washing stations and holding tanks.

Figuring out the details of what you need and how much you need can be daunting, and that is where the helpful staff comes in. The employees at Jack Pots Portables assist consumers with their planning from recommending the number and types of portable toilets and ensuring government guidelines are followed with regards to sanitation standards.

For consumers looking for luxurious alternatives, Jack Pots Portables offers luxury restroom trailers that are perfect for special events and corporate events. The luxury trailers are equipped with flush toilets, running water sinks, heating and air conditioning, stereo systems, individual stalls and porcelain sinks.

Located in Lake Havasu City since 1994, the business serves local areas, including: Bullhead, Laughlin, Kingman, Quartzsite, Parker and the entirety of La Paz and Mohave Country.

To learn more about their services and products, contact Jack Pots Portable at or give them a call at (928) 680-0804. 

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