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Final Touch Cleaning Services is the Miami Valley of Ohio’s premier full-service residential and commercial professional cleaning company. They offer competitive rates, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a 40-point checklist that every cleaner is required to fulfill on each job for quality assurance. Their commitment to excellence and their unwavering dedication to customer service is why more and more corporate and individual customers are choosing Final Touch Cleaning Services over the competition.

They make it easy for you to hire their team of professional cleaners for services in advance or spur of the moment! They’ll never require you to fill out binding contracts or try to upsell you on additional services because they believe in what they offer. They know that satisfied customers come back without being locked into airtight contracts, and they know the key to satisfied customers is providing superior services at fair prices.

Final Touch Cleaning Services can be hired for one-off cleaning sessions, which is great if you want to prepare your home for guests or need some help cleaning up after a party. If you prefer regular maintenance, you can also hire them on a repeat basis for bi-weekly, weekly, or even monthly cleaning appointments. The staff of cleaning professionals from Final Touch Cleaning Services will diligently clean your home or commercial space making sure to hit everything on their 40-point checklist as they go.

In addition, Final Touch Cleaning Services offers specialized cleaning options like their signature window washing service. Their expert cleaners can help restore the beauty of your residential and commercial windows by using hands on techniques to scrub the grit and grime off of your windows and leave them streak free for a guaranteed 48-hours. They’ll even clean the window screens and perform minor repairs!

The cleaners from Final Touch Cleaning Services can handle anything from small residential spaces to massive industrial, commercial, and retail areas. Just call (937) 521-MAID today for a free quote and experience the final touch difference! 

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