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Integrated Training Systems is a fitness center located in Midtown Manhattan. ITS offers a number of fitness training programs to accommodate the unique needs of each and every athlete. Using the latest information in the fields of sports science, nutrition, and rehabilitation, the highly trained team of personal trainers and health professionals will develop a personalized plan to help clients reach their fitness goals. Whether you want to become a better runner, improve your golf game, return to athletics after an injury, or simply get into shape, ITS will help you get there.

For serious athletes, ITS offers intense, highly specific fitness training programs. The strength training and endurance training programs are perfect for athletes that are already in shape, but want to improve upon specific areas. Runners, from casual joggers to marathon runners, can benefit greatly from the running fitness program. With a personal running coach that will fine-tune the program to suit your unique abilities and goals, so your chance of success is much higher than if you were to start a running program on your own.

ITS also offers a training program to help athletes improve their golf fitness. While it may seem simple, a golf swing is actually a very complex motion because it utilizes so many different muscles. The golf training program targets these muscles to help every golfer, regardless of age or experience, get to the top of their game.

Brett Cohen, the founder of Integrated Training Systems, became interested in fitness when he first started studying martial arts in 1987. He's been coaching others to help them become healthier and more fit since 1999. He is a registered C.H.E.K. Institute Trained Fitness & Wellness Coach. Brett also has a number of certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Titlelist Performance Institute as a Golf Fitness Professional. He is also registered on NeighborhoodTrainer.com. When Brett isn't coaching and training, he lectures and teaches other about fitness. He's presented lectures for New York Road Runners, Colgate-Palmolive Co., Stuyvesant Town, Lululemon Athletica, Jack Rabbit stores, Athleta stores, and Gallagher Benefit Services.

Integrated Training Systems holds session at various fitness facilities throughout the city as well as in-home gyms, private homes, outdoors and office settings. Call (917) 596-8485 today to book your first session and start the journey to a healthier, happier you!

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