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Hawaii MusicWorks

98-1268 Kaahumanu St, Ste 201
Pearl City, HI 96782
(808) 486-8600
Hawaii MusicWorks, Music Lessons, Arts and Entertainment, Pearl City, Hawaii

Looking for an engaging and unique after-school activity that will spark your child’s creativity and promote their individuality? Let them discover their passion for music as they rock out at Hawaii MusicWorks in Pearl City. This innovative music school focuses on maximizing each students’ potential through engaging instrumental lessons.

Since 1995, this owner-operated music school has offered high-energy vocal, keyboard, drum, bass, and guitar lessons to students throughout the Waipahu and Kapolei areas. Hawaii MusicWorks and their passionate instructors are dedicated to unlocking your child’s inner rock star and musician. From music lessons for beginners to advanced music theory courses, they offer something for everyone. Students can audition for their prestigious “Sessions LIVE” program, where students get the chance to perform live at Hard Rock Café in Honolulu.

Enroll your child in Hawaii MusicWorks, Pearl City’s hip and unique music school, and watch their passion and confidence flourish. Call (808) 486-8600 to speak with one of their friendly instructors or visit them online for more information.

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