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Since beginning in 1972, Coins Plus has become an institution in the world of rare coin trading, coin appraisal, and gold bullion dealing. The partners in this dealership are each nationally recognized industry experts, each with numerous industry awards and publications in trade magazines, while the business itself remains Cincinnati’s only "National Award Winning and PNG Dealer." 

Not only has Coins Plus built a reputation for integrity, responsibility, and fair pricing, but it is also an industry leader. One partner contributes regularly to Redbook and Bluebook, the most commonly consulted pricing guides in the business, and the store itself is a submission center for all three of the nation’s leading grading services.

Coins Plus offers expert appraisal services as well as the fairest prices in the industry for rare coins, paper currency, postage stamps, and a wide variety of other items. Any type of bullion, whether gold, silver, or platinum, in any form, can be purchased or sold. Bring in estate or scrap gold jewelry, regardless of condition, as well as pocket watches, wrist watches, oak furniture, or other estate items which might be valuable. The experts at Coins Plus are respected nationwide for their honest appraisals and fair offers.

To learn more about Cincinnati’s leading rare coin dealer, visit Coins Plus online or call (513) 621-1996 to speak with an expert today.

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