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Whether you’re a professional or DIYer, Rochester Jet-Blak Sealers, Inc. in New York has all of your asphalt-sealing needs in one convenient location.This sealant supplier offers a wide selection of asphalt sealants and repair options for any project, including residential and commercial jobs. Locally owned and operated, their professionals have over 30 years of experience in the use and sales of their products, helping you find the right product for your repair.

At Rochester Jet-Blak Sealers, you’ll have access to high-quality sealing and paving equipment, including concrete sealers, sport court coating, crack fillers, and application equipment. Whether you have cracks in your driveway from deeply rooted trees or you’re a contractor working to have the favorite local basketball court resealed, take matters into your own hands by relying on these products to fulfill your sealing needs.

Asphalt can crack under various types of pressure, generally related to high traffic, heavy-duty vehicles, vegetation, winter weather, and chemical spills. In order to maximize the health of your asphalt, whether it’s for a driveway or a significant portion of the road, using sealcoating and paving equipment not only helps those surfaces, but it also helps with the wear and tear on vehicles.

Committed to customer satisfaction, their team will work with you to ensure you have everything you need for your next asphalt project. For the best sealcoating and paving equipment and supply experts in western and central New York, call Rochester Jet-Blak Sealers today at (585) 436-5051. You can also visit them online for more information on their amazing and affordable products.

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