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Cincinnati Gas Lite Co Inc.

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Cincinnati Gas Lite Co Inc., Propane and Natural Gas, Services, Elsmere, Kentucky


Based in Erlanger, Kentucky, Cincinnati Gas Lite provides installation, maintenance, repair, and sales of residential and business gas lighting products. Whether you need new gas logs for your fireplace or maintenance on your gas BBQ, Cincinnati Gas Lite has you covered. Serving the residents of the greater Cincinnati area, they have a proven track record of exceptional service, winning customer care, and affordable prices that meet the demands of every bottom line.

Cincinnati Gas Lite has been in business for more than four decades, and in that time, they've become Cincinnati's leader in gas-related products and services. They proudly carry a full line of gas merchandise to fit the needs of any home or commercial enterprise.

Outdoor gas lights and lamps from Cincinnati Gas Lite offer a warmer, softer glow than harsh electrical lighting. They are cost-effective, eye-catching, and provide an added layer of security and safety. Lights are manufactured using only the best and sturdiest materials around: heavy-cast aluminum, tempered glass, and brass screws.

A varied selection of gas grills, heaters, and propane fireplace products are also available. The company has recently extended its focus to include home irrigation and low-voltage lighting systems. Not only will they install your products, but Cincinnati Gas Lite will fix and help maintain your gas products as long as you need them.

To experience Cincinnati Gas Lite's full selection of gas-related merchandise and services, call (859) 727-1331 or visit their website. They are conveniently located at 4013 Dixie Highway in Erlanger, KY, so don't hesitate to make Cincinnati Gas Lite your one-stop resource for all your gas lighting needs.

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