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Real estate transactions have inherently high stakes, so it's important to have an accurate estimation of a property's value. For years, real estate agents, lenders, buyers, and sellers throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana have relied on Augustine, Inc. for the most reliable valuations on all types of real estate, from residential homes to commercial buildings. These expert appraisers combine extensive experience, specialized training, and sophisticated technology to provide high-quality real estate valuations and an unbeatable customer experience.

Using the most advanced software tools available, the experts at Augustine, Inc. factor in all of the variables that affect property value, leading to the most accurate appraisals on the market. Whether you need a home inspection before buying a house or an appraisal for insurance purposes, an objective assessment from these highly respected industry leaders will help make the process as smooth as possible.

They are committed to always providing courteous customer service and consistently excellent results, with regular retraining to ensure that their employees use only the most cutting-edge valuation systems and practices. With Augustine, Inc., you can count on a level of expertise you won't find anywhere else.

To schedule a property inspection from the most trusted valuation experts in the industry, visit their website or call (513) 481-6800 today.

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