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Serving Wisconsin Rapids, WI, Guelzow Heating & Air Conditioning Service is the area’s leading heating and cooling company. Their expert contractors perform a wide range of services, including AC installation and repair, outdoor wood stove construction, furnace maintenance, emergency heating services and more. With years of experience and a deep knowledge of the latest technological advances in the field, your Guelzow heating contractors will ensure that you are completely satisfied by the service you receive.

No matter what type of heating system you have—be it oil burning or an indoor wood stove—this company can provide any necessary repairs, preventative maintenance, or full installation of any replacements. What’s more, the crew at Guelzow Heating & Air Conditioning is also fully licensed to work on all models of AC units. In an effort to help customers save money, the company will work with you to come up with an effective maintenance plan, ensuring that potential problems are taken care of before they flare up.

Family-run, this company has been a part of the Wisconsin Rapids business community since 1953, and they've built a reputation for quality workmanship and fair pricing. In a trade that is competitive and tends to rely heavily on word of mouth, Guelzow Heating & Air Conditioning Service has truly thrived.

See for yourself why Wisconsinites continue to turn to this company for all of their heating and cooling needs. Visit Guelzow Heating & Air Conditioning Service online, or, to arrange a free estimate, simply call (715) 423-1086.

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