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Maximum Restoration, Fire Damage Restoration, Services, Dayton, Ohio

At Maximum Restoration, we are focused on the well being of all of our clients. Fire or flood damage to your home or business can be devastating both mentally and physically. Having a reliable emergency repair crew on your side will help you get your life back on schedule fast. From inspection to repair, the professionals at Maximum Restoration offer complete restoration services for residential and commercial clients throughout Dayton, OH, and the surrounding area.

With 24/7 emergency restoration services, this local company employs a specially trained team that is prepared to help individuals and families pick up the pieces after unfortunate events occur within their homes or businesses. They are sensitive to the loss you’ve experienced and will keep lines of communication open to be able to swiftly ease any concerns or anxieties you may have. Their services range from flood damage and storm damage repairs to fire and smoke damage cleaning. Clients can rely on their knowledgeable technicians to utilize cutting-edge technology to remove mold and other hazardous materials.

In addition to offering excellent restoration services, their staff will work directly with your insurance company to resolve claims in a timely manner. Understanding that every restoration and recovery project is different, their friendly team is completely focused on satisfying your specific needs. Feel free to ask them any questions regarding particular treatments and the schedule for your damage repairs.

When choosing a company to handle your disaster restoration project, go with the team at Maximum Restoration. They’re dedicated to building lasting relationships with you and your family. Reach out to them today by calling (937) 550-1038 to schedule a consultation. You also visit them online for more information. PEOPLE. PASSION. PURPOSE. Maximum Restoration guarantees client satisfaction from beginning to end.

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