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For over 30 years, the team of attorneys of Curt Davis Law Office PLLC has been dedicated to getting individuals throughout Pulaski, McCreary and Wayne counties the compensation they deserve for their injuries or loss of life. Offering legal services to personal injury and wrongful death victims of automobile accidents, truck accidents, unsafe products and all other accidents involving injury or loss of life, Curt Davis Law Office PLLC will work diligently to settle your claim without the necessity of litigation. If settlement is not possible, the firm will fight for your rights in court.

When you or a loved one has suffered an injury, it’s important to confide in a law firm that will protect your rights and get you the results you deserve. Curt Davis Law Office PLLC is concerned with protecting your rights and your interests. The firm provides competent, aggressive representation for personal injury victims and families of wrongful death victims.

Located in Somerset, Kentucky, the team of Curt Davis Law Office PLLC has an impressive history of successfully recovering millions of dollars for their clients. Don't be fooled by insurance companies or needlessly suffer financial hardship; you need an experienced attorney who is concerned with protecting your interests. Contact Curt Davis Law Office PLLC to schedule your free initial consultation by calling (606) 378-2525.

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