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Wildlife Patrol LLC, Animal Control, Services, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

If you have noticed rustling in your attic or your trash cans are continuously being disturbed, these are signs of wildlife nuisance in or near your home or business. Don’t wait for the problem to become unmanageable and contact the animal control experts at Wildlife Patrol LLC in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. Their team will take the necessary measures to ensure these wild animals will no longer be a nuisance.

For more than 15 years, this animal control and removal company has served customers of Wood County with humane and quality service. As a locally owned and operated business, Wildlife Patrol knows how to deal with animals such as raccoons, moles, skunks, birds, and bats,

The employees at this licensed, bonded, and insured company have the necessary tools and training to handle even the largest nuisance. Not only can wildlife cause damage to your property, but they can also bring in diseases and greatly impact the health of you and your family. That’s why this team is committed to offering trustworthy and affordable commercial and residential wildlife nuisance control services for community members.

We take care of your wildlife nuisance from start to finish. We handle the animal itself, as well as assist the damage the wildlife may have caused to your home.  

If you are in need of a professional and reliable animal control company that you can depend on to keep your home or business free of nuisance animals, contact Wildlife Patrol. Call them at (715) 323-3230 to request an estimate or to speak with one of their team members about their services and prices.

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