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When your pet needs medical care, you want him to receive the best possible treatment. At Crescent Springs Animal Hospital in Crescent Springs, KY, the highly trained veterinarians will ensure your furry loved one will receive quality and pain-free services. Serving the greater Cincinnati and northern Kentucky areas, Crescent Springs Animal Hospital is committed to making you and your pet their top priority.

Crescent Springs Animal Hospital provides pet emergency and critical care services, as well as general medical services. Whether your pet requires immediate treatment or needs less urgent services, the staff and doctors will make sure your pet receives the best care possible. If your dog or cat requires surgery, their expert veterinarians will not only use the most current surgical practices, but they will provide pain management options, and advise you on the ins-and-outs of post-operative care. 

Crescent Springs Animal Hospital also has a fully stocked pharmacy for your pet’s medication needs, provides wellness exams to help maintain your pet’s health, and vaccinations that will ensure your pet’s safety. Dental care and nutrition counseling are available as well, along with full in-house and radiology labs, so you can receive any testing results as soon as possible.

Crescent Springs Animal Hospital will also provide non-medical services, such as behavior counseling and microchipping. If your pet has sudden changes in behavior, the veterinarians can determine if it is a result of a medical issue; if your pet is healthy, they will advise you on the best method of correcting the problem, or will refer you to a behavioral specialist. Inserting a microchip can be invaluable for finding your pet if he goes missing, as collars can come off or tags can become too damaged to read. A microchip, by contrast, can easily be scanned and your pet will be returned to you.

Bring your pet to Crescent Springs Animal Hospital for the highest quality medical care. Call (859) 331-6608 to schedule your pet’s next appointment, or visit them online for a list of services and guides to caring for your pet.

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Crescent Springs Animal Hospital understands that surgery is a very stressful time for your pet. They do everything possible on their end to ensure your pet has the smoothest more
No one understands the importance of your pet more than Crescent Springs Animal Hospital. They have become known in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas for their more
Your pets are like family—you love them and care for them, feed them, and keep them warm and clean. At Crescent Springs Animal Hospital, your beloved furry friends are treated more
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As pets age, they can encounter a host of new health concerns. According to the emergency vet experts at Crescent Springs Animal Hospital, osteoarthritis is one of the biggest more
While it’s tempting to give your adorable pet a bite of your meal (especially when they’re begging for it), eating food meant for humans can be toxic or even lethal to dogs and cats more