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For more than 34 years, individuals, families, and businesses throughout Ohio have relied on the Rodger N. Walk Law Office for exemplary legal representation in a wide variety of practice areas. Whether you're looking for counsel in a personal injury suit, need a divorce attorney, or you've been injured by medical malpractice, these professionals have the experience and legal expertise to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Rodger Walk and his team are committed to providing the quality of service and abilities of a large legal firm, combined with the creative solutions and personal attention typical of smaller practices. They strive to treat each client with respect, so you can count on Mr. Walk and his team to be efficient, approachable, effective, and responsive to your needs.

Drawing upon his years of experience and intimate knowledge of the law, Mr. Walk will map out a list of legal options and help you select the course that's best for you. With this legal firm, you'll have an accomplished trial lawyer on your side, but also an attorney with extensive experience with negotiation and dispute resolution, helping to decrease the emotional toll on his clients.

Visit the Rodger N. Walk Law Office online now to read more about his experience and practice areas, or just call (513) 977-4220 to schedule a free consultation.

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