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Dr. David K. Skeels, Cosmetic Dentistry, Health and Beauty, Rochester, New York

When you look for a dentist, quality and comfort is what you're seeking. Dr. David K. Skeels, located in Rochester, NY, provides just that! Dr. Skeels has been providing expert comprehensive dental care services while taking patient comfort into consideration. 

Dr. Skeels received his degree in Doctor of Dental Surgery from Case University Western School, completed a year of general dental residency at The Eastmen Dental Center, and has over 1000 credit hours in continuing education courses. He also attends annual events at the International Symposium on Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry to ensure he current on all the latest dental research and technology.

Dr. David K. Skeels provides a dental evaluation that is individualized to each patient. During your initial visit, Dr. Skeels will determine your dental needs, provide his expert recommendations, and then create a health program specifically for you. Whether you want a simple teeth cleaning or require root canal therapy, Dr. David K. Skeels has the expertise to give you a painless experience. His dental practice will make sure that any procedures done will leave your teeth looking as natural as possible. He uses only porcelain dental crowns to maintain your tooth’s original appearance, and natural tooth colored fillings so your treated tooth will be indistinguishable from the rest.

His experienced staff will ensure you will be relaxed during your procedure, while making you feel at home in their office. Comfort is a must for Dr. Skeels, who has received training in providing pain-free treatment. He will also provide additional sedation for patients who request it.

The office also provides affordable payment options for their services, and will process all paperwork for patients with dental insurance. 

A healthy smile is a happy smile. Call Dr. David K. Skeels at (585) 467-7000 to make an appointment or visit them online

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Dr. David K. Skeels is originally from Palmyra, NY and graduated from Palmyra-Macedon Central School in 1978. He received a B.A. in psychology from the University of Buffalo in 1982 more
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While everyone knows cavities lead to dental decay, gum disease is just as capable of causing tooth loss. More formally known as periodontal disease, this ailment affects more more
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Aug 30, 2016 | News Americas by Dental Tribune International BOSTON, USA: Studies have indicated that individuals with a high body mass index are more prone to developing more
When tooth loss occurs, either from tooth decay or trauma, it does more than create an imperfect smile. It also impairs the way the mouth functions. According to Dr. David K. Skeels, more
If you’ve lost or damaged any of your teeth, you don’t need to settle for an imperfect smile. Thanks to implants and veneers, a skilled dentist can still restore your smile to its more
05/25/2016 Why are we watching and waiting before referring? By Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS Study after study show the connections between the health of the oral environment and the more
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Dr. David K. Skeels invites you to take advantage of our new patient special going on now. All new patients are eligible to receive a FREE exam and consultation.   We more
The root canal is an important procedure in dentistry because it involves extracting the portion of the tooth where decay has advanced to the point of infection; those who need it, more
Do you have missing or damaged teeth due to decay or infection? If so, you’ve probably wondered if there’s a way to restore your smile. If you long for that beautiful smile you once more
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A healthy smile not only looks good, it’s important to your overall health as well. Regular brushing and flossing can keep teeth and gums healthy, but you should also visit the more
Regular dental check-ups are essential for maintaining optimal oral health. If you’re searching for a family dentist in Rochester, NY, Dr. David K. Skeels has you covered! more
Barrier aids bone regrowth after socket graftingJune 26, 2015Posted by Perio-Implant Advisory EditorsThe hole left by a pulled tooth is more than just a place where food can get more
Your gums need special care to stay healthy and strong. In order to prevent serious gum diseases, it’s best to seek professional care from a family dentist. The experienced staff at& more
The New Model of Periodontal DiseaseNovember 5, 2015Richard H. Nagelberg, DDSPolymicrobial Synergy and Dysbiosis (PSD) is the word salad that the new model of periodontal disease is more
Dr. David K. Skeels has been serving Rochester, New York for years, providing an always comfortable and professional environment for patients since he first opened his practice. more
Food does more than nourish your body; it also helps keep your teeth strong and healthy. Every day, Rochester family dentist Dr. David K. Skeels and his staff provide patients more
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Most of us have been to the dentist and received X-rays as part of the examination. Have you ever wondered what, exactly, those X-rays mean? What do they tell the dentist? What do more
You’ve probably heard it before from your dentist; there are many types of foods and drinks that can harm your smile. Even the cleanest mouth has up to 600 different types of more
A root canal procedure is used when a tooth has suffered intense nerve damage that cannot be reversed. The procedure itself removes the nerve from the inside of the tooth and gum, more
When it comes to vetting any health care professional, you want to make sure that the person is qualified, knowledgeable, and respectful. The patients at Dr. David K. Skeels& more
Flossing is the great overlooked dental health care prerogative of our time. This is the reason why dentists always ask if you have been flossing at every single trip to their more
Chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks, chocolate cream eggs...there’s plenty of sugary Easter treats that can easily contribute to cavity formation. If you went a little crazy with more