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Are you tired of large hardware stores that lack a personal touch? Visit Cincinnati’s Burkhardt Pro Hardware, where their highly skilled staff offers the best customer service, and the lowest prices available. Burkhardt Pro Hardware has been providing a wide range of quality products to residents in the Cincinnati tri-state area since 1907. Family owned and operated, their helpful staff is committed to ensuring you find exactly what you need.

Whether you need power tools or painting materials, Burkhardt Pro Hardware has all the best hardware and tools including STIHL®, IRWIN®, GE®, Master Lock®, and more. All the products in Burkhardt Pro Hardware’s inventory are guaranteed to last. Their experts will help you find the perfect tool for any job. They also have an extensive home and garden inventory, and are equipped in house to perform lock repair, and cutting and threading pipes.

The team of employees at Burkhardt Pro Hardware is dedicated to providing the best customer service available. Each staff member is carefully chosen for his or her knowledge and experience. They take pride in working with you every step of the way to meet your needs, however unique. If you’ve got any project, large or small, you can trust Burkhardt Hardware’s skilled staff to make sure you’re ready and equipped to tackle each step.

To discuss your home repair project with an expert, or just pick up some power tools, visit Burkhardt Pro Hardware today. To learn more about Cincinnati’s most-trusted hardware store, call them at (513) 821-3475 or visit them online to see an extensive list of their inventory and services. 

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For more than a century, Cincinnati homeowners and contractors alike have turned to Burkhardt Hardware, a fully stocked hardware store with a small town feel. Whether you're an more
For over 100 years, builders and homeowners throughout Cincinnati have turned to Burkhardt Hardware for the highest-quality tools and a level of personalized, expert services more