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When you’re getting ready to move, you want to trust your belongings to a truly reliable moving company. Jeffers Moving & Storage has been proving residential and commercial moving services to Cincinnati and the tri-state area for over 60 years, and they know the importance of treating your furniture and items with the best care possible.

Jeffers Moving & Storage not only has experience in moving homes and businesses, but they also specialize in moving antiques and fine furniture; this means you can always trust them to treat your belongings with the utmost care. They'll help you pack fragile items in bubble wrap or packing peanuts, as well as set up the furniture at your new destination. 

Jeffers Moving & Storage provides these and many other services for both local and long distance moves, making sure that every move is completed safely and efficiently. White glove delivery services are available as well for businesses and interior designers, where custom ordered furniture will be unpacked, inspected, stored, and delivered to the client.

If you need furniture storage options, Jeffers Moving & Storage will provide those as well. They have short and long term storage accommodations, and their facilities are very secure, so you know your possessions are safe. Their storage spaces are climate controlled to preserve the quality of the fine furniture, antiques, and art pieces they house.

Jeffers Moving & Storage also has moving supplies available for use. Whether you need to rent a hand truck or want to purchase boxes for packing, they will have the items you need for your moving purposes. Don’t trust just any moving company to handle your belongings—call Jeffers Moving & Storage in Cincinnati at (513) 793-7264 to get a free estimate, or go online for a free quote.

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