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Mr. Sandless® - Grand Junction in Colorado has revolutionized the way people are caring for hardwood floors thanks to their new sandless refinishing technology. Their secret is a no-dust, no-muss refinishing system that is undertaken by a special Mr. Sandless® floor machine. But this high-speed master isn’t just better for your health because your family isn’t exposed to harmful dust; it’s a unique finishing system that will give you long-lasting beautiful floors.

You’ll also save because it’s cheaper than traditional sanding, and much cheaper than installing new floors. With a regular sanding, you can wait as long as a week for your floor to dry, and the results are never as good. But with Mr. Sandless® - Grand Junction, you can have amazing new floors that afternoon, and all with no mess!

Mr. Sandless® – Grand Junction also has the best varieties of top-notch wood floor installations that their team will implement from scratch. Plus, when you install your new floors, you can take advantage of their offers on special tile refinishing options built for nearly every type of flooring.

All of their processes are safe and green certified, and they’re always happy to give their customers the best warranties in the business. Visit them online, or call Mr. Sandless® - Grand Junction today at (970) 201-6077 and get your FREE quote. 

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