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If you’ve noticed the wood on your door is rotting, or the weatherproof seal on your window is worn, then don't wait to get it repaired. B & B Window and Door has been providing door and window repairs for commercial and residential clients in the greater Cincinnati and northern Kentucky areas for over 25 years.

The expert team at B & B specializes in window repair and installation. Windows must be installed properly, otherwise water can leak in and cause the surrounding wood to rot. If they aren’t effectively sealed, air can escape, resulting in higher energy bills. The professional contractors at B & B Window and Door know how to do it right the first time, so there's no problems later on. 

Windows are another highly important aspect of your home. The right style will bring in maximum light, and also accent the exterior appearance of your house. Whether you want to fix your storm windows or install a new skylight, B & B Window and Door will make your home look its best.

When you need to replace or repair your doors, the team at B & B will provide a consultation to determine the best type of door to suit your particular needs. Their highly qualified contractors have a great deal of experience with installing interior and exterior doors. If your sliding door no slides smoothly on its track, or you want to install a set of French doors, B & B Window and Door will provide the service you need in a timely and professional manner.

Now is the time to install that bay window, and to give your home a fresh look. Call B & B Window and Door in Cincinnati, Ohio at (513) 322-5341 to speak to one of their professional contractors, or visit their website for a free estimate.

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