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With 34 years of legal victories under his belt and countless satisfied clients behind him, Thomas A. Corletta, Attorney & Counselor at Law comes highly recommended. As a DWI attorney, criminal defense lawyer, and family law expert—who also specializes in bankruptcy and traffic violations—he’s handled a wide range of cases. And, he’s as known for his compassionate, personalized approach as he is for his professional expertise.

After graduating from Allegheny College in 1977, Thomas Corletta obtained his law degree at SUNY Buffalo, and he’s been serving the area ever since. He handles 150 cases per year, and he’s licensed to practice in 11 counties across western New York State. His work has been referenced, or featured, in numerous articles and scholarly treatises, and he’s argued cases before the Appellate Division and the New York State Court of Appeals, so his reputation is well-established.

Thomas Corletta is also unique in that he’s the only lawyer practicing at his firm. Unlike many other attorneys, he never contracts cases out—which means that when you seek out his services, you get his help, and his undivided attention, alone. That means no loopholes, no stones left unturned, and no miscommunications. Rather, you get the kind of thorough, one-on-one, concentrated representation that builds trust and wins cases. And in the world of law, finding that kind of dedicated and ethical commitment among trial attorneys and criminal and civil trial practices is rare.

To speak with Thomas A. Corletta, Attorney & Counselor at Law, call (585) 546-5072 today. Consultations are always free, and so is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’ll be dealing with a seasoned professional who’s at the very top of his game.

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The state of New York imposes differing levels of penalties for theft, referred to as larceny, depending on the amount of money or property taken and the manner in which it was more
Anonymous v. Anonymous (Family Ct., 5/19)   Faced with a seemingly impossible situation where his client was being arrested and accused of Sexual Abuse of a daughter’s friend, more
People v. Anonymous (City Ct., 4/19)   Mr. Corletta helped a client who is a convicted felon who had struggled to make a new life while on parole, including getting a full more
While bankruptcy has helped millions of Americans get a fresh start, it’s not the answer for everyone. Whether you could benefit from filing depends on a variety of factors, more
If you’re involved in a divorce, an important decision is whether to stay in the marital home during the proceedings. As divorce lawyers know, there’s much to consider, because what more
D.D. v. G.A. (Ontario Co. Supreme Ct., 4/8/19)   Mr. Corletta helped a physically and mentally disabled client and his elderly mother fight off a partition action in D.D. v. more
Once you’ve decided to end your marriage, your first impulse might be to go talk to a divorce attorney. While wanting to get the process started as quickly as possible is more
There are several exceptions to the general requirement that police may not search your home, vehicle, or person without a warrant.  Needless to say, police often use these more
According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 115 Americans die per day from opioid overdoses. This has become a public health crisis that many states are trying to more
People v. V.J. (Rochester City Ct., 3/29/19)     In a seemingly hopeless case, where his client was found with alcohol in the car, accused of erratic driving and a .25 more
New York takes weapon possession very seriously, with many weapon possession charges carrying mandatory prison sentences if convicted. If you have been charged with weapons more
New York has an implied consent law, which means that as a condition of holding a driver license, you will submit to a chemical test of your breath, blood, urine, or saliva if more
The #MeToo movement has brought significant changes to organizations across the country, but its effect in the courtroom and criminal justice system may be the most dramatic. In the more
People v. S.M. (Webster Tn. Ct., 3/22/2019)   Cell phone and Portable Electronic Device prosecutions have been emphasized and increased in New York in the last 8 years, more
Mr. Corletta has always believed that Orders of Protection are subject to abuse by those getting the Order of Protection. Mr. Corletta helped family friend achieve a fair more
Mr. Corletta scored still another impressive victory, this time in rural, prosecution-oriented Yates County, in People v. D.K. (Potter Tn. Ct., 1/11/19). The difficulty of this case more
Many times, lawyers must take unpopular positions on behalf of their clients. However, lawyers are required to advocate legal positions, not moral positions. Mr. Corletta had to more
Mr. Corletta achieves suppression of high BAC Chemical Test Result.   In a unique argument based upon current case law from the state’s highest Court, Mr. Corletta achieved more
Through sheer persistence, Mr. Corletta achieved a rare disposition in prosecution-oriented Ontario County in People v. S.P. (Ont. Co. Ct., 11/18).       & more
People v. S.B. (Macedon Tn. Ct., 10/23/18)   Mr. Corletta obtained another favorable disposition for a so-called “Domestic Violence” client in People v. S.B. (Macedon Tn. Ct., more
People v. L.R. (Roch. City Ct., 10/22/18)   Mr. Corletta provided effective representation to a beleaguered client who was being bullied by Probation in People v. L.R. (Roch. more
People v. P.R. (Gorham Tn. Ct., 10/18)     Mr. Corletta saved another license in People v. P.R. (Gorham Tn. Ct., 10/18).         & more
People v. W.J. (Livingston Co., 10/18)   Mr. Corletta obtains misdemeanor disposition in serious Driving While Ability Impaired/Drugs case in rural Livingston County. more
People v. H. B. (Ontario Tn. Ct., Wayne Co., 10/18)     Mr. Corletta demonstrated how having knowledge of 2 different areas of law benefitted his client in People v. H. more
When you hear the term “DWI,” you immediately think of drunk driving, but there are charges that address more than alcohol intoxication. In New York, it is illegal to drive more
When it comes to social media sites like Facebook, it’s important to watch what you post—and not just because current or future employers might be watching. Lawyers and law more
Mr. Corletta obtained an outright dismissal of a baseless alcohol-related charge in People v. E.A. (Greece Tn. Ct., 9/24/18).     In that case, Mr. Corletta's client, more
No one gets married with the intention of getting divorced, but not all marriages last. For many couples, it’s better to go their separate ways and find happiness elsewhere than to more
When it comes to social media accounts, it is not a good idea to broadcast every detail of your private life or your private opinions, especially if you are involved in any kind of more
People v. S.P. (Ontario Co. Ct., 9/13/18)   Mr. Corletta obtained a favorable disposition in heavily prosecution-oriented Ontario County in People v. S.P. (Ontario Co. Ct., 9/ more
Each state has its own statutes, rules and regulations, regarding criminal and motor vehicle law. There are very few generalities that apply everywhere. However, repeat offenders more
People v. M.D. (Mt. Morris Village Ct., 9/18).   Mr. Corletta helped a non-local resident achieve a reasonable disposition of 11 points worth of traffic tickets in People v. more
People v. R. A. (Sweden Tn. Ct., 9/12/18).   Mr. Corletta assisted yet another Spanish-speaking client, who unwittingly pled guilty to Speeding while holding a probationary more
People v. W. L. (Farmington Town Court, 9/2018).             Mr. Corletta used his knowledge of the law to prevent an interim more
People v. C.L. (Roch. City Ct., 9/11/18).   Mr. Corletta assisted an out-of-state Texas resident arrested for Driving While Intoxicated in a very expeditious manner, based more
Matter of B.J. v. S.A. (Ontario Co. Family Ct., 9/6/18)   Mr. Corletta quickly knocked out a questionable Family Court Order of Protection Violation Petition, that could have more
Mr. Corletta, through persistence and knowledge of the law, helped an indigent client get the amount of support which they were entitled to in Matter of F.C. v. F.K. (Mon. Co Fam. more
Matter of Anonymous (NYS DMV, 8/21/18) Mr. Corletta utilized his knowledge of the law to obtain an outright dismissal of a breath test refusal proceeding in the Department of more
Many people consider an effective child custody agreement is the most important document in a divorce proceeding. Unlike property settlement agreements, this document impacts young more
What Must Be Disclosed in a Bankruptcy Case? Filing for  bankruptcy offers a viable solution should you find yourself facing insurmountable debt and collection action from more
People v. M.K (Greece Tn. Ct., 8/8/18) Recognizing that the elements of Leaving the Scene of a Property Damage Accident are seldom properly pled in an Accusatory Instrument, Mr. more
People v. Anonymous, People v. M.D., People v. C.J. (Gates Tn. Court, 8/8/18)             In the above 3 cases, Mr. Corletta more
Chautauqua Co. Ct., 7/18 – Mr. Corletta achieved, through sheer persistence, a favorable result for his client in a remote, rural county in People v. C.H. (Chautauqua Tn. Ct., 7/18) more
        People v. B.L. (Gates Tn. Ct., 7/19/18)   In a difficult Driving While Intoxicated case, Mr. Corletta obtained suppression of more
Posting personal information online a decade or two ago was utterly incomprehensible, but today, it’s the norm. By its very nature, social media encourages users to post personal more
Matter of F.C. v. F.K. (Family Ct., 7/5/18) In Family Court, Mr. Corletta won a rare reversal of a Support Magistrate’s decision awarding minimal spousal support to his low income more
People v. Anonymous (Greece Tn. Ct., 7/18).   Mr. Corletta helped a client with severe PTSD avoid a jail sentence after a fourth arrest for Petit Larceny in People v. more
Mr. Corletta, encountering a situation where a brand new New York resident was charged with Driving While Intoxicated, quickly converted it into a traffic infraction with a small more
It's not uncommon for a stop at a sobriety checkpoint to cause a certain amount of fear, apprehension, and anxiety. Sobriety checkpoints, while legal if properly operated, are still more
People v. Anonymous (Ogden Tn. Ct., 6/18)   Mr. Corletta cleared an outstanding Warrant for a veteran who had completed substance abuse treatment in People v. Anonymous ( more
Mr. Corletta’s knowledge of the law resulted in the outright dismissal of a traffic ticket in prosecution-oriented Wayne County, for his 75 year old client with a completely clean more
    In this matter, through thorough, effective, and vigorous advocacy, Mr. Corletta followed up on his work for a client, for whom he obtained a dismissal of a more
A recent article published by the Daily Record showed that 6 Western New York counties surrounding the Rochester area, Monroe, Ontario, Wayne, Seneca, Yates, and Genesee, have the more
Mr. Corletta recently saved the career of a 30+ year professional in People v. Anonymous (Penfield Tn. Ct., 6/2018).     Mr. Corletta’s client was a bright and more
Filing for bankruptcy can be necessary to give you a fresh start, but doing so is not without consequences. One drawback of discharging debts in bankruptcy is that it will more
Second-Degree murder is a Class A-1 Felony. If convicted in New York, you can face up to 25 years to life in State Prison. With the help of a good criminal defense lawyer however, more
Mr. Corletta won an outright dismissal of Driving While Intoxicated and Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated charges in a case that lasted some 4½ years in People v. L.M. (Gates Tn. more
Mr. Corletta obtained a dismissal of a Petit Larceny charge in tough Ontario County, known for vigorous prosecution, in People v. P.H. (Farmington Tn. Ct., 5/18). more
Mr. Corletta helped a young client, struggling with a drug and alcohol problem, avoid jail on a probation violation and new criminal charge I People v. A.B. (5/18).   & more
Mr. Corletta, without a hearing, gained unsupervised access for his client to the client’s daughter in T.T. v. B.K. (Family Ct., 5/14/18). more
People v. D.E. (Parma Tn. Ct., 4/18)   Mr. Corletta saved a 60+ year-old client virtually all of the inconveniences associated with a DWI conviction in People v. D.E. (Parma more
If you are arrested for driving while intoxicated, it’s critical to understand all elements of the offense. To be convicted of a DWI, the prosecution must not only prove you were more
In People v. Anonymous (Irondequoit Tn. Ct., 5/7/18), Mr. Corletta expanded on the previous dismissal of some of the charges in this troubling case by obtaining an Adjournment in more
People v. L.J. (Yates Co., 4/18).        Mr. Corletta resolved an “Interlock” violation with a high BAC, with a mere 3 month extension of the Interlock more
Mr. Corletta helped a foreign exchange student obtain dismissal of 3 traffic charges in People v. Anonymous (Henrietta Tn. Ct., 4/26/18). more
An Ignition Interlock Device (IID) is an apparatus installed in the vehicles of those convicted of DWI. An IID measures blood alcohol content through a breathalyzer-type device, but more
When parents are unable or unwilling to care for their children, many grandparents feel compelled to step in. While family law courts are hesitant to interfere with a parent’s right more
People v. Anonymous (3/9/18)   What to do when a client, highly agitated and emotionally upset, with mental health issues and on medication, is arrested for Driving While more
When a couple with children gets divorced, it is rarely just the nuclear family unit that is affected. Grandparents may end up spending considerably less time with their more
Operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated is a criminal offense that can result in serious consequences, from losing your license to incarceration. If an officer pulls you over more
People v. C.B. (Yates Co. Ct., 2/27/18)             In a second matter, Mr. Corletta assisted a client with a serious illness more
People v. Anonymous (Avon Tn. Ct., 2/27/18)   Mr. Corletta helped 2 clients with significant disabilities obtain favorable dispositions in 2 separate rural courts not known more
People v. P.I. (Gates Tn. Ct.; 2/15/18). Notwithstanding a bad driving record and a revoked license, Mr. Corletta achieved an outright dismissal of three (3) traffic charges, more
Depending upon which side of the courtroom you're sitting, your day in court is either an experience you've long been anticipating or one you've been dreading. Regardless of your more
A divorce tends to bring out strong emotions for everyone involved. Given the intense emotional atmosphere, it's hardly surprising that tempers can flare and relatively minor more
Mr. Corletta effectively resolved a significant employment problem for a client in People v. W.L. (Rochester City Ct., 2/1/18).        In that case, Mr. more
People v. C.E. (Gates Tn. Ct., 1/29/18)   Mr. Corletta obtained still another outstanding result in a DWI case in People v. C.E. (Gates Tn. Ct., 1/29/18). more
Matter of S.A. v. J.F. (Monroe County Family Court, 1/25/18) Mr. Corletta demonstrated, in a Family Court family offense case, that Orders of Protection are not available merely for more
In a case where Mr. Corletta already achieved dismissal of the most serious charges by Motion, he then achieved dismissal of all remaining charges, including a minor drug charge, in more
Divorce is difficult for everyone involved, particularly children. It’s common for kids to experience a wide range of emotions when their parents split up, including confusion, more
If you're dealing with pressures of mounting debt and see no feasible way to get back on solid financial footing, you may be thinking about filing for bankruptcy. Are there some more
In many cases, a person convicted of a DWI will have to take DWI or alcohol education classes as a part of their penalty. But what do these classes entail? What, if any, more
Making sound financial decisions can be difficult with creditors breathing down your neck. However, if you’re considering bankruptcy as a means to alleviate debt, minding your P’s more
Mr. Corletta demonstrated, without opposition from the District Attorney, and with agreement by the Court, that a criminal suspect's refusal to talk to the police cannot result in more
Dissolving a marriage is always painful, even if you and your spouse agree to separate amicably. Unfortunately, while navigating the turbulent emotions that often accompany divorce, more
Mr. Corletta, unlike other local DWI defense attorneys, obtained another favorable result in highly prosecution-oriented Ontario County in People v. C.P. (Farmington Tn. Ct.,11/28/ more
The area of family law covers many different different areas such as divorce and separation, which often; include how child support payments are calculated. In Rochester, NY, & more
Mr. Corletta obtained a superior disposition for a college engineering student who needs to have a clean record in People v. T.J. (Henrietta Tn. Ct., 10/26/17) In that case, Mr. more
If you have been accused of committing a sex crime, there is more than a potential jail sentence at stake. Because of the Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA), being convicted for a more
Mr. Corletta, appearing in a Court approximately 75 miles from Rochester, achieved still another favorable resolution in People v. W.F. (Somerset Tn. Ct., Niagara County, 10/12/17). more
In this case, Mr. Corletta obtained a not guilty verdict on all charges, including the lesser included offense of Driving While Ability Impaired, at a trial resulting from a stop at more
         Mr. Corletta once again saved the license of a chronic traffic offender client by reducing a potentially crippling 6-point speeding charge to a more
Family law attempts to preserve the relationships between a child and both parents, granting each a variety of rights and recognizing their responsibilities. A custodial parent more
         Mr. Corletta walked into a tough situation with a client being denied visitation with their son in L.A. v. H.S. (Mon. Co. Fam. Ct., 9/6/17). more
Do you know what to expect after a conviction for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in New York? In addition to high fines, fees, and jail time, you should anticipate losing your more
Medical malpractice is a type of personal injury lawsuit in which injury was caused by a medical professional providing care to the plaintiff. Not all negative outcomes after more
Drunk driving is notoriously dangerous, impairing the decision-making, reaction times, and coordination a motorist needs to avoid an accident. However, as incidences of drunk more
Bankruptcy is a form of debt relief that was designed for individuals who cannot reasonably pay off the debt they have accumulated while still covering the basic necessities. It is more
In most cases, people declaring Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy make the decision to file after assessing their situation and determining that doing so makes the most financial more
If you were to head out and drive your vehicle after having a few beers at the bar, there is a good chance you are going to be charged with DWI. But, what happens when you get into more
Highlighting Thomas Corletta’s dismissal, reduction or acquittal in a contested case, this week’s case successes show Mr. Corletta’s unyielding commitment to justice for his more
Every day, more than 3,000 people are arrested for drunk driving. But how do police officers spot drunk drivers? What signs signal to police that a driver may be impaired? DWI more
Criminal law is complicated, and due to local custom, practice, and “policy”, it doesn’t just vary from state to state but from county to county, and even towns and cities, as well. more
If you are facing Weapon Possession charges in New York, you should be aware the penalties in this state are among the strictest in the nation. Accordingly, securing a highly more
Highlighting Thomas Corletta’s dismissal, reduction or acquittal in a contested case, this week’s case successes show Mr. Corletta’s unyielding commitment to justice for his more
Highlighting Thomas Corletta’s dismissal, reduction or acquittal in a contested case, this week’s case successes show Mr. Corletta’s unyielding commitment to justice for his more
For those who own a gun for reasons of self-defense, it's important to be aware that laws are different depending on whether the gun is utilized inside or outside the home. Thomas more
As of December 31, 2016, Rochester, NY's controversial red light traffic program officially came to an end, partly due to a perception that the devices disproportionately affected more
Many people believe bankruptcy should be a last resort, only to be pursued once they have exhausted all other options and personal resources. Unfortunately, this can mean more
Highlighting Thomas Corletta’s dismissal, reduction or acquittal in a contested case, this week’s case successes show Mr. Corletta’s unyielding commitment to justice for his more
Drinking and driving has always been a serious offense with serious repercussions, but now the state of New York has made DWI laws even stricter. The DWI lawyer of Thomas A. more
         Highlighting Thomas Corletta’s dismissal, reduction or acquittal in a contested case, this week’s case successes show Mr. Corletta’s more
         Highlighting Thomas Corletta’s dismissal, reduction or acquittal in a contested case, this week’s case successes show Mr. Corletta’s more
         Highlighting Thomas Corletta’s 31st consecutive dismissal, reduction or acquittal in a contested case, this week’s case successes show Mr. more
Intoxicated driving has always been a serious offense with serious consequences, and New York State continues to make DWI laws even stricter. DWI lawyer Thomas A. Corletta, Attorney more
When a person experiences financial trouble and is unable to pay their bills, they may have to seek the legal advice of a bankruptcy attorney — especially if creditors are suing more
Preparing for bankruptcy is certainly not something you had hoped to be doing. Occurrences like being unemployed, going through a divorce, or difficult medical problems can quickly more
Location, location, location. Realtors often say location is everything. Much the same applies to DWI in New York, something every defense attorney who regularly handles DWI cases more
Once you’ve made the decision that bankruptcy is the right solution for your financial needs, you’ll need to decide which type will work best for your situation. If you’re an more
There are few things in life as joyous as seeing the face of a loved one unwrapping a holiday gift. It's certainly easy to understand how holiday shopping can get out of control and more
A divorce is always painful, but it is particularly challenging for kids struggling to understand the “new normal” in their lives. Fortunately, there are several things you can do more
In addition to the minimum jail sentences, fines, and a suspended license, the judge may order you to attend a Victim Impact Panel if you've convicted of Driving While Intoxicated. more
Highlighting Thomas Corletta’s 30th consecutive dismissal, reduction or acquittal in a contested case, this week’s case successes show Mr. Corletta’s unyielding commitment more
There is a common misconception among law enforcement, lawyers, and the public that standardized field sobriety tests are reliable and accurate indicators of intoxication. In more
Highlighting Thomas Corletta’s 29th consecutive dismissal, reduction or acquittal in a contested case, this week’s case successes show Mr. Corletta’s unyielding commitment more
Highlighting Thomas Corletta’s 28h consecutive dismissal, reduction or acquittal in a contested case, this week’s case successes show Mr. Corletta’s unyielding commitment more
Highlighting Thomas Corletta’s 27th consecutive dismissal, reduction or acquittal in a contested case, this week’s case successes show Mr. Corletta’s unyielding commitment more
Highlighting Thomas Corletta’s 26th consecutive dismissal, reduction or acquittal in a contested case, this week’s case successes show Mr. Corletta’s unyielding commitment more
Highlighting Thomas Corletta’s 25th consecutive dismissal, reduction or acquittal in a contested case, this week’s case successes show Mr. Corletta’s unyielding commitment more
Highlighting Thomas Corletta’s 24th consecutive dismissal, reduction or acquittal in a contested case, this week’s case successes show Mr. Corletta’s unyielding commitment more
Highlighting Thomas Corletta’s 23th consecutive dismissal, reduction or acquittal in a contested case, this week’s case successes show Mr. Corletta’s unyielding commitment more
People v. T.J. (Palmyra Tn. Ct., 10/16)           Mr. Corletta recently saved still another client’s license in People v. T.J. (Palmyra more
Highlighting Thomas Corletta’s 21th consecutive dismissal, reduction or acquittal in a contested case, this week’s case successes show Mr. Corletta’s unyielding commitment more
           Highlighting Thomas Corletta’s 20th consecutive dismissal, reduction or acquittal in a contested case, this week’s case successes show more
From saving his clients 8 points on their license to aggressively protecting a 401(k) retirement plan, Thomas A. Corletta breaks down his most recent case victories in the following more
A DWI is considered a serious offense by the state of New York, and the conviction carries heavy penalties. But New York’s DWI laws are fairly lax compared to those in Canada. more
Highlighting Thomas Corletta’s 18th and 19th consecutive dismissal, reduction or acquittal in a contested case, this week’s case successes show Mr. Corletta’s more
Wondering what a typical case looks like for Thomas A. Corletta, Rochester Defense Attorney? Read the following case reviews to better understand how Mr. Corletta goes above and more
Family vacations and holidays are an opportunity for parents to share enriching experiences with their children. However, if you are divorced and share custody with your former more
Thomas A. Corletta describes his latest success of 2016- a DWI re-prosecution case.  When you need an experienced lawyer, trust Thomas A. Corletta to protect your more
Motorcycle safety is crucial on roadways both in the state of New York and beyond. While motorcyclists enjoy the same rights as automobile drivers, the elevated personal hazards more
Summer is the best time to visit New York’s iconic state parks. While taking in the scenic beauty, visitors or campers may also unwind with an adult beverage or two. This can lead more
According to the American Boating Association, boating under the influence is a serious problem and the leading contributing factor to fatalities on the water. Nearly more
The following cases took place this week and represent Thomas A. Corletta, Attorney at Law’s 16th and 17th consecutive reduction/acquittal. Read through the case reviews more
Thomas A. Corletta, Rochester’s successful DWI attorney, shares important case success from 2016.  Need an experienced attorney and counselor at law? Thomas A. Corletta more
Thomas A. Corletta, Rochester’s experienced criminal defense lawyer, shares important case success from 2016.  Need an experienced attorney and counselor at law? Thomas more
Thomas A. Corletta, Rochester’s trusted family law and criminal defense lawyer, shares important case success from 2016.  Need an experienced attorney and counselor at law? more
If you have been stopped and suspected of DWI, the officer may ask you to perform a series of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, which are designed to provide sufficient evidence more
One of the most serious consequences of a DWI conviction is the suspension or revocation of your driver's license, which could cause you to lose your job or face jail time if you're more
License plate reading technology is becoming more and more prevalent, especially when it comes to traffic enforcement and automobile repossession. Also, cameras are now watching more
DWI or “sobriety” checkpoints and roadblocks can be stressful, because they are usually unexpected and catch people by surprise. However, remembering that a checkpoint is a more
If you have been arrested for a DWI, or know someone who has, you may be familiar with SCRAM bracelets. SCRAM is short for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring and allows the more
Being on probation for a DWI is not easy; in fact, any lawyer will tell you violations are fairly common. Thomas A. Corletta, Attorney at Law, wants you to have all the information more
Public defenders are excellent lawyers who are committed to their clients. Thomas A. Corletta, Attorney at Law, in Rochester, NY, explains how these dedicated public servants excel more
Recent News stories regarding wrongful convictions and police impropriety can have a demoralizing effect on Rochester residents, many of whom would normally put their faith in the more
Being charged with a sex crime is a life-changing event, different from many other crimes because of the long ranging consequences. If convicted, it will impact the rest of your more
A Rochester Lawyer Warns Against Driving & TextingDriving with a portable electronic device in hand has become the norm as more people feel the need to text friends and family more
Did you know that couples are more likely to file for divorce after the holidays than they are at any other time of the year? This is because the holidays are a time of love and more
Being convicted of DWI carries many mandatory consequences; the most significant of which is installation of an Ignition Interlock device on any vehicle you own or operate. These more
When a married couple divorces and child custody is an issue, the process can become very contentious. An all to frequent symptom is parental alienation, a behavior that one or both more
The holidays are a time for celebration. But if you celebrate too much, you may find yourself with legal trouble. With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season upon us, more
For many people, the holidays are a time for celebrating with family and loved ones. But for others, the stress of the season reveals major problems within the family that may more
There’s no question that the holidays are an emotional time, and no one knows this more intimately than children whose parents have divorced. While making plans for the holidays more
Driving under the influence of any drug, including some prescription medications, is incredibly dangerous, contributing to millions of car accidents in the United States every year. more
For most of us, the holidays mean family time, celebrations, and annual parties with old friends. Unfortunately, all this driving makes the holidays one of the most dangerous more
This past summer, New York's legislature passed some major changes to its existing alimony laws. These changes however, have not yet been approved by the Governor. Anyone who has more
When you feel that a police officer is treating you unfairly or violating your Constitutional rights, it's natural to become indignant and try to stand up for your rights. However, more
If you're dealing with unmanageable debt, Chapter 7 bankruptcy provides an invaluable way out, allowing you to completely discharge most of your unsecured debts and start over more
Before refusing a breathalyzer test in New York, think about the implications of what this on-the-spot decision could mean for you. The most obvious repercussion is that you more
In most states, including in NY, when you become a licensed driver and you get behind the wheel, you are implying consent to certain tests by law enforcement including a more
There are two approaches to filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. These include hiring a lawyer or doing it yourself. You will quickly learn that hiring an attorney like Thomas A. Corletta more
A divorce attorney will turn the tide in your favor when it comes to finances, child custody, and getting the most peaceful and expedited settlements. This is why a more
Filing for bankruptcy protection is the only way for some people to reclaim their lives from growing debts. However, many borrowers hesitate, worried that having a bankruptcy on more
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