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Liposuction is a solution to more than cosmetic problems. When exercise and diet changes aren’t giving you the weight loss results you want to feel healthy and happy with your appearance, Smart Lipo Cleveland in Beachwood, OH, will help. They understand the role their work plays in helping their clients live and look the way they want, so they’ve committed themselves to using industry-leading Tickle Lipo techniques to deliver an exceptional outcome after every procedure.

Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture, sometimes known as Tickle Lipo, is a new and innovative fat removal procedure. Unlike traditional liposuction, Tickle Lipo requires only minimal downtime for patients to recover post-op. Approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 2006, it is the most innovative liposuction system in the U.S., and the experienced and qualified doctors at Smart Lipo Cleveland have performed it for years, giving men and women in Cuyahoga, Portage, and Summit counties the bodies they want. They are also the only Tickle Lipo providers in the Greater Cleveland area. They will remove fat from the abdomen, back, neck, upper arms, buttocks, and other hard-to-reach areas that have proved unresponsive to exercise.

The treatments performed by the doctors at Smart Lipo Cleveland offer a number of advantages that you should take into consideration when you’re deciding between Tickle Lipo and traditional liposuction. Tickle Lipo is performed with only the use of local anesthesia, making it a safer and smarter option for any clients who experience adverse reactions to general anesthesia. Performed right in the office instead of a hospital, Tickle Lipo has no complications, and patients leave the procedure with only tiny incisions and no scarring. Tickle Lipo is also less expensive than traditional liposuction. It removes 3-4 times more solid fat than traditional liposuction with less pain and less down time.

You deserve to have the body you want, and Smart Lipo Cleveland will help you get it. Call them at (216) 292-9902 today to schedule your initial consultation or visit their website to learn more about Smart Lipo.

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