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Delfiore Pizza & Food Co.

Delfiore Since 1971.

Delfiore Pizza & Food Co.

75 East Main St.
Patchogue, NY 11772
(631) 475-3663
Delfiore Pizza & Food Co., Italian Restaurants, Restaurants and Food, Patchogue, New York

Since 1997, Delfiore Pizza & Food Co. has served up the most delicious, freshest Italian food, using a unique approach and carefully crafted personal recipes. Angelo Galeotafiore, aka. Angelo Delfiore, the founder of this widely celebrated pizza shoppe, focused his efforts on creating aesthetically delightful dishes that are carefully balanced, without an emphasis on any one ingredient. Thanks to his passion for creating positive eating experiences, Delfiore Pizza & Food Co. has become one of the most celebrated, established casual dining restaurants on Long Island's South Shore.

Their menu features an amazing variety of pizzas sure to please any palate, from traditional options to specialty New York-Style pizzas you won't find anywhere else. From a meat lover's delight to calamari pizza, Delfiore Pizza & Food Co. has a pie for everyone. They also offer a selection of expertly crafted pastas, as well as hot paninis, all made with only the best and freshest ingredients.

As one of the first creative restaurants in Patchogue, NY, Delfiore Pizza & Food Co. has established a reputation for harnessing the power of simple cooking processes and fine ingredients. Visit their website to check out their menu, or call (631) 475-3663. to discuss catering service or place an order for delivery.

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Delfiore Pizza & Food Co. is closed today (Feb 8th) due to blizzard like winds, snow accumulation & icy driving conditions throughout the day.  Be safe & we'll be more
The Super Bowl is almost underway! If you're hosting or attending a viewing party, why not pick up something tasty on the way? If you're passing through Patchogue, NY, stop by more
You can get New York Style pizza anywhere, but you can only get pizza made on a signature 'long-fermentation' crust at Long Island's best pizza shoppe, Delfiore Pizza & Food Co. more
The first dishes that probably come to mind for a Super Bowl Party are mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, and of course, beer. But at Delfiore Pizza & Food Co. in Patchogue, more
When it comes to great New York pizza in a fast-casual setting, nothing beats Delfiore Pizza & Food Co. They've been serving their delicious menu of pizzas, pastas, paninis, and more
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