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Hebrew Free Burial Association

Hebrew Free Burial Association

125 Maiden Lane, #5B
New York, NY 10038
(212) 239-1662
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Unfortunately, each year hundreds of Jewish individuals pass away alone and indigent, unable to afford a proper Jewish burial. The Hebrew Free Burial Association, in New York City, NY, is a non-profit organization that has dedicated over 130 years to providing dignified burial services at low costs.

Since 1888, the Hebrew Free Burial Association has helped nearly 60,000 Jewish people in need. From individuals who are impoverished and homeless to those who have outlived their family and friends, leaving them alone and without a voice, this Jewish organization provides for their final needs. Every deceased Jew receives a proper and prompt Jewish burial in Mt. Richmond Cemetery alongside their fellow brethren.

In an effort to recognize the thousands of graves left unmarked because people died without family to memorialize them, the Hebrew Free Burial Association initiated the “Leave Your Mark” Campaign. In the late 1980s, Mt. Richmond Cemetery was the home to thousands of unmarked graves. Since 1991, donors have stepped forward to leave their mark -- donating over 15,000 simple engraved monuments for previously unmarked graves. Today, this non-profit remembers Jews who have been forgotten, by providing the traditional after-death care they deserve.

As a non-profit supported by donations, every Jewish burial, Kaddish service, grave monument, and maintenance of HFBA’s Mount Richmond Cemetery is impossible without the help of selfless community members and volunteers. If you’re interested in participating in this act of loving kindness to deceased impoverished Jews, where the person you help can never thank you, kindly donate or call (212) 239-1662 to speak with one of HFBA’s caring associates. Visit their website for more information on burial services or ways you can help honor a forgotten soul.