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When you're protecting what matters most to you and planning for the future, the help of an industry professional with years of experience is invaluable. In Minneapolis, turn to Daniel Oliver Insurance Agency, a registered Farmers Insurance Agent dedicated to helping you understand your insurance needs and making sure you're adequately covered. Daniel Oliver strives to protect your most valuable assets with the best products from one of America's leading insurance providers.

From homeowners insurance to auto and life insurance policies, Daniel Oliver and his committed team of professionals have the expertise and experience to find the coverage that's best for you. With his in-depth understanding of the industry and complete mastery of Farmers Insurance on your side, you can relax knowing that you have the coverage you need.

Insurance policies always have a great deal of complexity, which many people find overwhelming and confusing. A personal insurance agent will help clear up any confusion and uncertainty, answer any questions you have, and offer insight that will help you understand your policy.

Visit Daniel Oliver Insurance Agency online to learn more about the insurance rates available, or just call (952) 925-4454 now for insurance quotes and to schedule an appointment.

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Do you own your own service business?  Being a small business owner myself, I have the experience to help your small business insurance at any stage of growth. I’m a local small...read more
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When it comes to your home, “one-size fits all” coverage just won’t cut it. You need insurance you can count on, and coverage you can make your own. After all, every house isn’t...read more
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