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Parker Animal Clinic

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a first-timer or a lifelong pet owner—you love your pets and want them to have long, healthy, and happy lives. To guarantee their health, it’s your job as their caretaker to make sure they see a qualified veterinarian for regular checkups and when anything seems out of the ordinary. In Clarksville, AR, the trusted source for pet care is Parker Animal Clinic.

Serving the pets and their owners of River Valley Arkansas, Parker Animal Clinic has made and kept your furry friends healthy for more than 17 years. Their veterinarians understand that pets are members of your family and that your care for their well-being runs deep. That’s why they work efficiently to accurately diagnose and treat any ailment your furbaby is experiencing. Whether it’s a regular check-up or an unexpected illness or injury, their team treats you and your pet with care, compassion, and the proficiency of a skilled professional.

In addition to treating your pet with expert care, Parker Animal Clinic also uses their experience to provide tips to owners about warning signs of potential illnesses in the future. They emphasize prevention as the most effective treatment method, so when an animal comes in with fleas, ticks, or another avoidable illness or issue, they offer solutions and treatments that will guarantee the pests do not return and keep your pet healthy and happy.

When your pet has suffered an injury or you need their required cat and dog vaccinations administered, bring them to the caring veterinarians at Parker Animal Clinic. Call their office at (479) 754-5656 to schedule an appointment.

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