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If you want that NEW bathroom, but Can't Afford too...Resurfacing your Bathroom Will Give your the Satisfaction that your Need.

Advanced Resurfacing Systems Inc.

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Advanced Resurfacing Systems Inc., Kitchen Remodeling, Services, Hamilton, Ohio

If you're tired of your home's interior décor, expert tile refinishing can completely rejuvenate a room without the expense and trouble of a complete remodel. Advanced Resurfacing Systems, Cincinnati's premier kitchen and bathroom resurfacing specialists, will bring new life to your sinks, bathtubs, shower areas, and tile floors at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

With a wide variety of finishes and colors to choose from, these refinishing experts provide excellent results with options to suit any taste. They'll help bring your existing vision to life, or will gladly provide design advice to create a home environment that will bring pleasure for years to come. Whether you just want a more modern look in a dated bathroom or need a whole tile floor resurfaced, you'll be amazed by the speed of service and durable, beautiful finishes Advanced Resurfacing Systems supplies.

Their range of services also includes fiberglass repair and reglazing, as well as tile replacement and chip repair. With their careful attention to detail and years of experience, their technicians will restore damaged surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom, making them look better than new.

For more information or to see samples of their work, visit Advanced Resurfacing Systems online, or call (513) 310-1121 to discuss your project today.

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