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Training your new pet takes patience, dedication, and experience. When you are looking for expert guidance, Sharon Mear's Training Cats and Dogs in New York City provides options that will satisfy, from the most basic to advanced pet training, all taking place within the comfort of your own home.

For over 18 years, certified canine behaviorist and trainer Sharon Mear has used her techniques to provide you peace of mind and a furry companion that is well-behaved for every member of the family. Upon stepping into your home, she will analyze your situation and ask questions about your lifestyle and home in on any specific goals that you have with your pet. Whether your cat is running around throughout the night and causing a disturbance or your dog excessively barks at those walking down the street, a solution will be implemented based on your individual needs and wishes.

Believing that when you truly understand your pet, you can redirect the behavior to create more fulfilling and committed relationships, the pet trainer uses methods that involve positive reinforcement coupled with a practical outlook of giving attention when it is due and providing praise, practice, and patience during every step. If you’ve just adopted a new puppy or are preparing your dog for a new baby, her techniques are structured to fit within your lifestyle while providing the foundation that your pet needs to thrive in your household.

Expert pet training is possible when you contact Sharon Mear's Training Cats and Dogs. Contact her today to talk about the different options available or visit her website for more information.

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