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Lamers Enterprise, Inc., Cleaning Services, Services, Honolulu, Hawaii

If you provide a janitorial or cleaning service, having the proper tools and equipment for an effective cleaning job is essential to keeping and growing your customer base. What makes you stand out from your competitors is having equipment and supplies that are top-of-the-line, outperforming other products. At Lamers Enterprise, Inc. in Honolulu, HI, you’ll find the most effective cleaning supplies for your company.

Whether you need supplies to clean a school, restaurant, or office building, their selection of janitorial supplies will be more than sufficient for your cleaning needs. Chemicals, cleaning supplies, tools, hardware, trash receptacles, and safety equipment can all be supplied to you, giving you a comprehensive list of products needed to thoroughly clean and sanitize.

Whether you’re wiping windows or buffing floors, know that the job will be done right with the products provided by Lamers Enterprise. When you need floor cleaning machinery, choose from the Olympus® 1200 for tile and grout, the Nobles® Speed Scrubber, or the ProTeam® Super QuarterVac. Chemical products including absorbents, bleach, insecticides, and food service chemicals. Paper products such as paper towels, tissues, seat covers, and other bathroom supplies are also available to stock your supply closet with—keeping your inventory full is one of their goals.

From keeping supply closets fully stocked with cleaning supplies to making sure your customers’ floors are cared for with adequate equipment, Lamers Enterprise will help you keep facilities as clean and flawless as possible. Call them today at (808) 845-9365 or visit them online to view their complete catalog of products.

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