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Imagination Childcare Academy, Inc.

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Imagination Childcare Academy, Inc., Kindergartens, Family and Kids, Rochester, New York

Imagination Childcare Academy, Inc. is more than a day care. This top-rated learning center is committed to educating and caring for children in their preschool, universal pre-K, and before-and-after school programs. With a staff of NYS-certified educators, enriching curriculum, and premier indoor and outdoor facilities, Rochester’s Imagination Childcare Academy, Inc. is committed to creating a nurturing educational environment for your child.

The Academy’s curriculum is as rich as it is engaging. The spiral curriculum covers all subjects, including language and literacy, mathematics, science, technology and creative arts with recurring interdisciplinary lessons throughout the year. In addition to being developmentally appropriate, all curriculum is adaptable to a child’s individual learning needs.

The teachers at Imagination Childcare Academy, Inc. are highly-qualified, holding degrees in Early Childhood, Elementary, Multicultural and Special Education, as well as a range of subjects including Literacy, Reading and Science. In addition to this breadth of knowledge is a deep well of experience in and passion for teaching children of all ages.

Each classroom environment has been thoughtfully designed to be fun and motivating, encouraging your child’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth. Filled with math manipulatives, dramatic play clothes, art supplies and more, these essential classroom materials provide opportunities for children to learn about themselves and the world around them. The gross motor room lets kids stretch their muscles on rainy days. Outside, children ride bikes, swing, bounce and slide on the playground, and run safely in a wide grassy play area.

At Imagination Childcare Academy, Inc., children learn throughout the day and form strong bonds with students and caring teachers. Every family can create a schedule that works for them with flexible full-time and part-time enrollment options. Visit them online to learn more and call (585) 413-3948 today to schedule a visit. 

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