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The tires on your vehicle are susceptible to tears, punctures, slashes, and other forms of wear, whether it’s from everyday driving or an unfortunate nail in the road. At B & S Tire Shop in Brooklyn, NY, you’ll have access to various services, from tire repairs to new rim installation, guaranteed to get your wheels back in motion.

Tire deflation can be the result of many things. Common causes for a flat tire include poor rim installation, which causes air to leak, a puncture by a sharp object, a damaged valve stem, overinflation, potholes, and car accidents. No matter the cause, one of their technicians will diagnose the issue and determine what steps need to be taken with your tires.

Sometimes you don’t have a flat tire but the tread on them is in poor condition. When this occurs, repairing isn’t an option, so you’ll need a new set. Having tires with low tread is a danger that increases with variances in speed and weather conditions. Without good tread, you increase the amount of time it takes for you to stop when braking, making you more likely to cause an accident. At B & S Tire Shop, you can find new and wholesale tires from some of the top brands on the market at competitive prices.

From tire alignment and wheel balancing to new tire installation and rim repair, find all of your tire needs at B & S Tire Shop. For more information on their services, call (917) 373-8088 today.

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