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Buzzed Bull Creamery

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(513) 381-2899
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Have you ever wanted to try your favorite cocktail root-beer-float-style? Buzzed Bull Creamery in Cincinnati, OH, believes that the best moments happen while you’re sharing a meal and a drink, and they’ve made alcoholic custom frozen desserts a reality. After a flash freeze in their liquid nitrogen process, they will guarantee you the smoothest frozen dessert with just the right kind of buzz.

Locally owned and operated, Buzzed Bull Creamery gives their customers an experience that they can’t have anywhere else. With a full-service espresso coffee bar and made-to-order alcoholic and non-alcoholic frozen desserts, they offer a product that’s unlike any other in an environment that’s unlike any other as well. They’re dedicated to creating a community of buzzed and non-buzzed frozen dessert-lovers coming together to share drinks and memories.

The ordering and creation process is simple. You choose whether or not you’d like your dessert to have the kick of espresso, pick your flavor and a size, select an ice cream or frozen yogurt and a mix-in from an extensive and delicious list. Then, if you’re of the legal drinking age, you can upgrade your buzz. With a touch of liquid nitrogen, we freeze your selected ingredients on contact and deliver you the smoothest and creamiest frozen dessert you’ve ever had.

Enjoy an original and incredible coffee or alcoholic ice cream creation with some friends or family. Call Buzzed Bull Creamery today at (513) 381-2899. You can also visit their website to see a complete list of their ice cream flavors.

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