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For most homeowners, living without heat or A/C is an uncomfortable feeling. When unexpected breakdowns strike your home, reach out to a dependable HVAC contractor. At Rapids Sheet Metal Heating & Cooling in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, their company has helped individuals and families restore their HVAC systems since 1915. They’re proud to install the best products from Lennox® in homes and businesses across the area.

The hometown HVAC contractor employs a dedicated staff of technicians that is well-versed in the newest innovations in the field. Whether you need furnace repairs or need a new air conditioner installed, they’re prepared to solve your issue quickly. They also offer 24/7 emergency repair service for those situations that simply can’t wait.

Their competitively priced services include:

Heating: Over time, your heating system will need routine inspections to avoid breakdowns. Clients can rely on their team to quickly examine and inspect their heating system. They’re skilled in repairing all types of systems, including boilers and furnaces. If your system needs to be replaced, they will also install a new energy-efficient product.

Cooling: Improve the cool air flow in your home with help from their expert staff. They offer the finest ductless air conditioners at affordable prices. Take advantage of their routine maintenance service to ensure your A/C is working at full strength.

Geothermal: Save money on your utility bill by utilizing the geothermal energy under your home. Rapids Sheet Metal Heating & Cooling will design and install a geothermal heating and cooling system for your family.

For the quality HVAC contractor you deserve, contact the knowledgeable and trusted team at Rapids Sheet Metal Heating & Cooling. Call them today at 715-301-0256 to schedule a free estimate for your home or office. Don’t forget to check them out online.

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