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Kay’s Wigs in Cincinnati is the area’s premier provider of fine hairpieces, wigs, and other personal products that can help you maintain your appearance no matter your circumstances. Kay’s Wigs is known for their friendly individualized customer service backed by 30 years of experience and expertise. This locally owned and operated retailer specializes in beautiful natural and synthetic wigs as well as a full-line of mastectomy products from reputable national brands.

People rely on the associates at Kay’s Wigs to give them compassionate one-on-one attention and expert fittings. The stylists at Kay’s Wigs can help you find the perfect wig to suit your style and budget. They can even cut, fit, and style it to your exact specifications in-house. It doesn’t matter if you want a natural looking wig to wear daily or a costume wig for a local theatre production, they will do everything they can to find the perfect hairpiece for you! Kay’s Wigs can even create a custom wig design specifically for you can’t find what you’re looking for in the store.

In addition to carrying a broad variety of wigs for men, women, and children, Kay’s Wigs stocks a full line of specialized mastectomy products that are designed to help you look and feel like your old self again. The associates at Kay’s Wigs know that shopping for breast prostheses, bras, post-surgical items, camisoles, and swimsuits can be emotionally difficult, but they are dedicated to making you feel right at home. They work with women every day who are shopping for these intimate items and they understand the specific needs and concerns you might have when making your selection. The goal at Kay’s Wigs is to help you find the perfect pieces to improve your comfort level and your confidence.

Drop by Kay’s Wigs for fashionable mastectomy products and the finest quality wigs available. You may also call them at (513) 741-0010 if you have questions regarding product availability or expert fittings. 

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Kay’s Wigs in Cincinnati, OH, offers beautiful and comfortable wigs that make men, women, and children radiate confidence. They also offer a wide range of mastectomy products, more
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