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With a team of trained cleaning professionals, Maid Brigade in Honolulu, HI is the cleaning company you’ve been looking for. Committed to earning your trust, their motto holds true, that “It’s about the customer. Every time.”

By hiring a maid from Maid Brigade, you give yourself the most precious gift: time. Their team relieves the burden of housecleaning, freeing up hours upon hours for you to use as you please. With 35 years of experience, they know that it’s of utmost importance that you feel completely at ease, which is why they only hire reliable and trustworthy candidates who have passed background checks. And before maids step foot in any home, they have been fully trained, bonded, and insured.

For Maid Brigade, it’s not enough to just leave your home spotless. They’re the only cleaning service that offers Green Clean Certified maid service so that your sparkling clean home not only looks good, but also feels good. With your health in mind, they reduce household toxins by only using products that will do no harm to you or the environment. Hiring a maid from Maid Brigade isn’t just a good decision for your home; it’s a good decision for your health.

By holding their topnotch team to established standards, they ensure you’ll receive a thorough and consistent cleaning every time. So if you’re ready to give up hours of scrubbing for a healthy, professional clean at an affordable price, visit Maid Brigade online to learn about their services or call them at (808) 377-4024 for a customized estimate. 

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With the increasingly busy schedules and commitments that seem to leave you absolutely no time for anything else, there are bound to be areas in your life that are neglected. If you more
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