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AutoTech, Auto Repair, Services, Kealakekua, Hawaii

Are you looking for an auto repair shop that places complete customer satisfaction and expert repair services at the top of their priorities? If so, AutoTech in Kealakekua, HI, is your premier destination for complete automotive service with a smile. For over 14 years, customers have enjoyed a friendly atmosphere from knowledgeable, ASE certified technicians with a specialty in servicing all domestic and foreign vehicles.

This auto repair shop offers a plethora of services to get you back on the road in a timely fashion, including oil changes, brake services, wheel alignments, tune-ups, tire repair, and other general services. More extensive services such as drivetrain repair, engine repair, and steering and suspension services are also available.

When searching for an auto repair shop staffed by informed technicians, you’ll need them to be knowledgeable about more than general auto repair services. At AutoTech, they’re trained in performing safety checks, car diagnostics, exhaust system repairs, and air conditioning service and repair. If you’re buying a car from a private owner, they also provide pre-purchase vehicle inspections, giving you peace of mind in the vehicle you’re thinking of purchasing.

Whether you’re in need of brakes and rotors for smoother, safer stops or your air conditioning system has failed, the experts at AutoTech will provide you with phenomenal repair work to match their undying commitment to customer satisfaction. Call their team today at (808) 322-8881 or visit them online for a complete list of services offered.

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We at AutoTech want to thank all of our devoted customers who support our business.   As the world moves through the many changes that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is more
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