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For 150 years, generations of northern Kentucky residents have trusted Middendorf Funeral Home to help celebrate the lives of their deceased loved ones with an unmatched level of caring service. These highly experienced professionals provide invaluable assistance through every step of planning a funeral, helping you select the options that suit your needs and the funeral wishes of your departed loved one, embodying a family tradition of respect and service.

With their deep commitment to providing the best experience possible to every customer, this funeral home also assists with planning and coordinating funeral services at any location you wish, from a church or cemetery to their own funeral parlors. Their comprehensive list of services includes funeral obituaries, pre-planning services, and even after-care services to help you cope with the loss of your loved one.

The Middendorf family’s decades of experience and expertise give them the ability to help families from all walks of life. Their staff listens carefully to your desires, and fully participates in creating a fitting, memorable, and affordable funeral service to make this difficult time as smooth as possible.

Visit Middendorf Funeral Home online to learn more about this family-owned institution, or call (859) 341-7800 now with any questions.

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