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Is there a room in your house that heat just won’t circulate to? For basements, remote rooms, and garages that always seem to be freezing no matter what you do, a cost-effective space heater is the most logical solution. Home Heat, a distributor of Hercules Heat space heater products in East Greenwich, RI, has the perfect space heater for your home, no matter where you need to put it.

Serving Kent, Providence, and Newport counties, Home Heat is dedicated to providing you with top-quality space heaters. Hercules Heat products utilize the latest technology in order to give your space the most even heat; their functionality is matched only by the aesthetic value of their exterior. Expertly crafted and available in a number of attractive styles, their space heaters are equipped with features like long-running fans that make very little noise, commercial-grade thermostats, and electrostatic air intake filters.

Unlike lesser quality space heaters, electric heaters, or baseboard heating systems, Hercules Heat infrared heaters reduce energy consumption and provide even heat distribution from floor to ceiling. There are no cold pockets, as the heated air is circulated and recycled, and the temperature is controlled by the thermostat inside the space heater. Because Home Heat is committed to your health and safety just as much as your comfort, Hercules Heat infrared heaters promote cleaner air. While heating, they destroy virus, bacteria, mold, and other organisms that can lead to respiratory problems.

When you need a space heater that you can count on, call Home Heat at (401) 595-0581. You can also visit the Hercules Heat website to learn more about the different space heaters available.

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