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Stackhouse & Son Well Drilling

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Stackhouse & Son Well Drilling, Water Well Drilling, Services, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Water is an extremely important part of our daily lives and essential for both businesses and homes. At Stackhouse & Son in Bloomsburg, PA, they provide residential and commercial customers with a variety of services to improve their water supply. Among these include grouting, both monitor drilling and test hole drilling, and hydrofracking. They also service and sell efficient water pumps.

As a family owned and operated company for over 46 years, they provide customers throughout Columbia County with free estimates and same-day service for their water pump and well issues. With their years of experience and high-quality equipment, they are able to evaluate and determine any issue you are having quickly and accurately. Their team is also fully insured for your protection.

If a new well is needed, they will inspect your land to determine the best location for installation. If you are looking for a more environmentally friendly option, geothermal wells that use the earth’s heat to cool and heat your home are also available. To fully serve your needs, they clean existing wells and repair them if necessary. A comprehensive design of water well systems for residential and commercial properties is offered so you receive exactly what you need.

In addition, their team is experienced with water pumps and will replace a pump that has gone bad. They are also certified in test pumping. As authorized dealers for Goulds® Water Technology, they will set you up with the best equipment to handle your specific needs.

Contact Stackhouse & Son for a free estimate or same-day service. Call them today at (570) 784-5034 to speak with a staff member or visit their website for more information.

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