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P & T Asbestos & Lead, Asbestos Removal, Services, Stamford, Connecticut

Once thought to be a safe and effective way to insulate and paint homes and buildings, asbestos and lead have become detriments to your health that must be properly removed by professionals. The courageous team at P & T Environmental Contractors in Stamford, CT, work to do just that: remove harmful substances from structures in an effort to protect you and the environment. For over 28 years, they’ve provided services for lead removal, asbestos removal, and mold remediation throughout Fairfield County.

Mold spores can enter the body through breathing, causing respiratory issues, asbestos has cancer-causing properties, and lead is a toxic chemical that can cause poisoning through breathing or ingestion. With over 40 years of combined industry experience, your homes, businesses, schools, and vacant properties are in the best hands available to remove these dangerous substances. With certifications from OSHA and the EPA, their main goal is to execute safe removal practices through proper detection, abatement, and clearance testing.

Your home and buildings are subject to several potential health risks and hazards, which can be controlled with the expert services from P & T Environmental Contractors. Their services include sandblasting, interior demolition, mold remediation, fire & water damage restoration, asbestos removal, lead abatement and the removal of other hazardous wastes like mercury and contaminated soil.

Whether you live in an older home and want to have it tested for potentially hazardous materials or you’re the superintendent of a school looking for asbestos removal during a construction project, P & T Environmental Contractors is the environmental protection team you need. Call them today at (203) 943-3102 and visit them online for more information.

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