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With a mission to serve authentic food options from local sources, Currito is a delicious restaurant option for individuals across Cincinnati, OH. This environmentally conscious restaurant provides an array of tasty international meals that will satisfy vegetarians and meat-eaters alike at affordable prices.

Their team is dedicated to serving the freshest ingredients possible which is why they work hand in hand with local farmers that raise healthy animals that are free of antibiotics and chemicals. Their staff continues to explore hardy vegetable options including source local beans, corn and carrots. Their natural delights don’t stop at veggies, customers can choose from an assortment of fruit smoothies that contain natural orange juice, lime, mango and strawberries. They even source local cheese.

The menu items at Currito are designed to exceed your expectations for flavor. Their talented chefs work hard to prepare bold tasting bowls and burritos such as Mediterranean, Bangkok and buffalo options. You and your friends can also select from either grilled chicken, grilled steak or organic tofu for your protein choice. Your taste buds will be pleased with their salty and sweet snacks that range from guacamole and corn tortilla chips to Nutella snack wraps and chocolate chunk cookies.

Putting together an upcoming party or event? Additionally, their restaurant offers cost-effective catering options that allow you to customize your own burrito, bowl or salad bar. Their team is also prepared to answer any questions or concerns you may have about pricing or calorie information.

For a truly organic and natural meal, visit the passionate folks at Currito. Call them today at (513) 258-7815 or contact them online for more information.

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