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Superior Gas Inc.

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Superior Gas Inc., Propane and Natural Gas, Services, Piedmont, Alabama

As one of the most versatile forms of energy available today, propane gas is popularly used by Alabama residents to power furnaces, water heaters, generators, cooktops, and many other appliances. It’s found in homes throughout the state, and those homeowners trust Superior Gas for everything from gas delivery to appliance repair. With several locations throughout Alabama, Superior Gas is known for being a reliable and customer-focused natural gas company.

Superior Gas is a family-owned and -operated gas company that has grown into an industry leader. In 1948, their first location opened in Roanoke, AL. Over the last 68 years, 10 more sites have been added to the Superior Gas family. From Ashland, AL, to Panama City, FL, they provide home and business owners with the fuel they need to power their properties, and they do it all while valuing customer service. With friendly and knowledgeable technicians, they offer the best local gas prices and free estimates.

Whether your entire home runs on natural gas or you only use it as back-up power, Superior Gas provides full-range gas services to meet all of your needs. Schedule gas delivery to keep your home heated all year-round, and trust their trained technicians to repair your commercial equipment. They operate on residential, commercial, and even agricultural levels to ensure every client can take advantage of clean-burning propane gas. They specialize in everything from bulk gas supply to appliance sales.

With support from Superior Gas, you will join the 14 million families that already utilize propane gas. Visit their website to find a location nearest you. When you’re ready to install gas-powered appliances or sign up for gas delivery, contact their main Roanoke office by calling (256) 396-2428.



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