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The folks at Geddes Pools, Inc., based in Nicholasville, KY have built a reputation for outstanding craftsmanship, professionalism and customer service as the area’s finest swimming pool contractors and pool maintenance technicians. Whether you need installation of above ground pools or their in ground counterparts, pool renovation, repair or maintenance work, this is the company to trust. Geddes Pools, Inc. also has a conveniently located shop where customers will find all of the supplies they need, or, with the help of the staff, start thinking about design or re-design projects.

As far as installation goes, the contractors here specialize in the construction of gunite and vinyl liner pools. These in ground swimming pools are not only durable but can be designed or modified to accommodate every one of the client’s specifications. It’s the latter that’s the key: Knowing that pool installation is a big project and a major investment, Geddes Pools, Inc.’s contractors will work directly with you to come up with a design that employs the right materials, includes all the desired accessories and is within your budget.

In addition, Kentuckians have always turned to this company for regular pool maintenance and repair work because, whatever the job, the folks there are dedicated to doing it right. Seasonal openings and closings of pools, routine pool maintenance like cleaning, adding sanitizers, as well as testing and adjusting the chemistry can all be handled by Geddes Pools, Inc. Furthermore, the team there will be able to repair or treat any issues that arise.

But what really makes this company tick is its commitment to completely individualized service. Since every pool should be as unique and superlative as its owner, and since pool contractors live and die based on reputation and word of mouth,Geddes Pools, Inc. holds itself to the highest of standards. See for yourself what over 30 years of pool experience looks like and check out the company online or call (859) 885-4296 today.

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