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Garden Exchange, Ltd.

Family owned and operated since 1964.

Garden Exchange, Ltd.

300 Keawe St
Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 961-2875
Garden Exchange, Ltd., Garden Centers, Services, Hilo, Hawaii

Garden Exchange, Ltd. is a garden store in Hilo. This family owned & operated local business was founded in 1964 as a small shop for specialized gardening supplies. Since then, the store has expanded in size and inventory, now carrying everything a gardener could need, from flowers & plants to lawn mowers & power equipment.

Garden Exchange has been run by the Ikeda family since the store was first founded by Noboru Ikeda and his wife Sachiko. Today, the owners Jeff and Stanton carry on Norboru and Sachiko’s dream. They have been employees at Garden Exchange for more than 20 years. The friendly staff possess a wealth of knowledge about farming and gardening in Hawaii and are available to answer any all questions.

At Garden Exchange, you’ll find everything you need for garden and lawn care. They have an extensive selection of plants as flowers, as well as organic fertilizers, commercial fertilizers, and soil amendments. They also carry composting supplies, insecticides, and herbicides to help your plants reach their full potential. You’ll also find a wide variety of gardening tools, including hand tools and power equipment such as lawn mowers. If you already have a piece of equipment that isn’t working like it should, have the professionals at Garden Exchange have look and help with the repairs.

Garden Exchange is committed to providing the absolute best gardening products and customer service on the island. They won’t just sell you a unit; they’ll set it up, make any needed adjustments, and make sure it runs perfectly before it leaves the shop. For questions about inventory, give Garden Exchange a call at (808) 961-2875 or stop by today!

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